Do you want some 'condom' ice cream?!

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Being kind of grossed out by ice cream is definitely a first for us here at Reveal but this sweet treat managed to do it.

Because the popular hot day snack seems to be being sold in a condom!

'Condom' ice cream

© Rex Features / HAP / Quirky China News

The ice cream is sold in a 'condom'

But it doesn't seem to be putting off children in Shenyang, China, who can't enough of it!

Photographer Jiang Zhenming saw a load of students buying the ice cream in its "protective" wrapping but like us, he wasn't sure just how appropriate it was.

He said: "The design is low-taste and should never be on the market, especially to pupils."

The manufacturer claims the wrapping is actually in the shape of a gourd - a plant related to pumpkins, squash and cucumbers - so maybe we just have dirty minds?!

Whichever way, maybe we'll just stick to a good old-fashioned cone, thanks!

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