Hero cat saves lad from bullies!

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Forget dogs being a man's best friend - for one little boy it's definitely his pet cat!

Five-year-old Ethan Fenton was pushed over by bullies before his moggy, Smudge, stepped in and pounced on the boys.

The young lad was playing in the street with a pal outside his Doncaster home when the incident took place.

Tabby cat

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Mum, Sarah, 26, witnessed the attack and explained to The Mirror: "I saw three boys who were much taller and older than Ethan walk over to our front gate."

The bullies called Ethan's name twice but he continued playing with his mate, Ashton.

Hairdresser Sarah added: "But they shouted him again and one of the boys got in Ethan's face and said 'Oi! Why are you ignoring me?' and pushed him over."

That's when fearless Smudge leaped in to action – flying out from under a car and jumping on the attacker's chest.

Shocked, the boy burst into tears and ran off.

Brave Smudge has now been nominated for the Cat Protection's National Cat of the Year.

And since the attack, the cute kitty sleeps outside Ethan's bedroom door every night. Aww!

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