Shaun the Sheep is our favourite children's character!

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It's official - Shaun the Sheep is our favourite children's television character of all time!

Our fluffy four-legged friend beat off stiff competition from Postman Pat, who came in second, and Sooty and Sweep, who were third, to be crowned our overall champion of all time. Well done, Shaun!

Shaun the Sheep is our fave children't character

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Shaun the Sheep is our fave children't character

Radio Times and the British Film Institute asked 41,000 people to vote for their favourite children's television character from a shortlist of 50, both from each decade from the 1950s and then overall - and not only did the cheeky sheep win the 2000+ category, he also walked away with the title of being the best of all time!

We were first introduced to sweet Shaun in 1995, in Wallace and Gromit's A Close Shave. But he then went onto have his own show in 2007.

Justin Johnson, a children't TV expert at the BFI, said: "For these three shows, their strength is fundamentally the quality of the storytelling, that's what children and parents react to."

The winners for each decade are:

1. Sooty and Sweep
2. Captain Pugwash
3. Bill and Ben

1. The Magic Roundabout
2. Camberwick Green, Trumpton, Chigley
3. Clangers

1. Paddington Bear
2. The Wombles
3. Bagpuss

1. Postman Pat
2. Pingu
3. Willo the Wisp

1. Bob the Builder
2. Teletubbies
3. Brum

1. Shaun the Sheep
2. Sarah and Duck
3. In the Night Garden

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