Purrmanently Sad Cat is internet sensation!

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Our hearts melted when we saw this sad kitten!

She looks so upset, it makes you wonder what is wrong, but the answer is nothing. This is just her normal expression. Bless!

Ashley Herring, Purrmanently Sad Cat becomes internet sensation

© Rex Features / Ashley Herring

Purrmanently Sad Cat looks so upset!

The kitty looks so down in the dumps, her owner Ashley Herring has nicknamed her Purrmanently Sad Cat, or PSC for short.

The 21-year-old from New Orleans, US, said: "My cat recently had a litter of kittens. My roommate Bridget and I realised this one kitten's sad face one day when we were watching them learn to walk around in my room.

"She was waddling around and we looked at her and both just went, 'Oh my God, she looks so depressed!'"

But there's no need to feel sad, as her big eyes and downturned mouth have turned turned the moggy into an internet sensation.

After Ashely put pictures of her pet online, they were viewed a whopping 380,000 times and have led to her being dubbed 'the saddest cat on the internet'.

Too. Cute.

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