Teenager charged £179,000 - for a pizza!

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Everyone knows that takeaways aren't the cheapest way to eat - but we were shocked to hear that a boy was charged a whopping £179,000 for his pizza!

Natt Bolwell ended up with a far bigger bill than he bargained for when he ordered a margherita using his bankcard.

Natt Bolwell, charged £179,000 for a takeaway pizza

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Natt paid a lot more than he wanted for his pizza!

The 19-year-old from Newport, Gwent, used his Lloyds card to pay £17.99 for his takeaway from Domino's, but he was actually charged 10,000 times more for his purchase. Oops!

Factory worker Natt didn't realise the problems until his card was declined by a store. He then went to check the error and found his account £179,020.80 overdrawn. He must have got a real shock!

Natt, who knew he was £400 in credit, phoned his bank in disbelief and the mistake was uncovered.

He said: "I couldn't believe my eyes. How did it allow Domino's to take all that money out? Not even the poshest meal in the poshest restaurant would cost anything like that even if I took all my friends and family out."

Domino's have since refunded him the money and apologised for the enormous mistake.

By Hannah Wood

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