999! Police please - aliens have stolen our sheep!

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Ewe must be joking! Police received a 999 call from a frantic member of the public last week, who claimed to have witnessed a sheep being abducted by aliens.

The alleged spooky sighting took place in a farmer's field in west Wales, where other locals also believe they saw the woolly animal vanish into the hovering spaceship.


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This isn't the first alien reporting in the area either. In the last 12 years, there have been a whopping 27 reports of alien activity near the village of Lampeter, which lies in the alien hotspot known as The Welsh Triangle.

Police data published in the Daily Star revealed one caller claimed they saw a triangular-shaped object 40ft in the air, while others spotted an object "the size of a small house" in the sky.

Another caller even rang Dyfed Powys Police to say they had been taken by aliens and experimented on, before being returned to Earth.

Out of the 27 sights, only one – a "large orange sphere in the sky" – has been explained, after it was identified as a nothing more sinister than a Chinese lantern.

The rest, however, continue to be an outer space mystery…

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