Risque registration plates that are too rude for the road!

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We've got bad news for fans of a vajazzle, or rather VA64 ZLE.

Bosses at the DVLA have crossed off a number of risqué number plates that are too rude for the road.

Risque registration plates get banned by DVLA

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We wonder if this one would get through?!

More than 120 number plates have been removed after staff hunted through thousands of offensive number and letter combos from September's '64' batch.

R4NDY drivers will be sad to learn that regs like DOG4 GER (dogger) and SH64 GER (shagger) have been banned. Also on the list were PR14 CCK, BU14 SHT and SH14 TTY when the 2014 plates were issued in March.

But despite their best efforts, there are still lots of cheeky numbers available.

Photos on Regtransfers.co.uk show raunchy plates like as V14 GRA and PEN 15 - maybe not what you'd like to see on the way to work. Also shown on the website is UGO7 FAT- how rude!

Regtransfers pokeswomen Angela Banh said: "It's strange how the banning process works. It's a subjective topic."

By Rosie Quigley

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