Offering last crisp and carrying you home - signs of a modern gent!

Published Tuesday, Jul 1 2014, 20:30 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Forget holding the door open – a true gent will give you their last crisp and record your favourite TV show while you're out on the town!

Apparently, this new modern gentleman will even take a woman's car to the garage for an MOT.

A poll for spoke to 2,000 women who declared that these pointers were indications of being a gentleman in today's world.

Man holding flowers

© Rex Features / WestEnd61

Other signs included men putting the footie on their laptop, leaving girls to watch what they want on the TV. And if your bloke is on a boozy night out, he'll sleep in the spare room so he doesn't disturb you if he's a true gent!

Also appearing on the list were telling a woman if her skirt is tucked into her knickers (we've all been there!) and carrying their partner home if their killer heels are beginning to hurt.

A spokesperson said: "The definition of a gentleman has definitely evolved.

"But showing consideration even in the smallest way has a positive effect on relationships."

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