Meet the woman who's addicted to eating books!

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One mum loves to get stuck in to a good book - but not in the way you might think.

Annie Smith, 49, munches on up to three paperbacks a day and admitted to The Sun: "I'm addicted. If I don't eat books, I get really angry."

Since she started pecking on paperbacks over two decades ago, she's devoured over 6,000 of them - and is still tucking into them now!

The habit first kicked off when she was pregnant with second daughter Kym, who is now 24.

Stack of books

© Rex Features / Ismo Pekkarinen

After craving the scent of bus tickets – a smell reminiscent of her childhood – she headed to her local library where she devoured their books.

She explained: "I used to go in and eat lots and lots of library books. They never found out. I feel terrible about it."

Now the former insurance worker buys second-hand books to fuel her addiction.

The West Yorkshire woman added: "I can't go anywhere without a pocket full of paper. The old musty books are my favourite."

Anita checked with her doctor whether her snack choice was harmful but was told it was fine. She confirmed: "So I'm not going to try and stop."

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