Tortoise missing for a year found a mile away from home!

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We've all heard about missing pets that turn up thousands of miles away from home but one tortoise only managed to make it a mile away - in a whole year!

When five-year-old Andy-Bob went missing from his pen, his owner, seven-year-old Ella Holland, was understandably devastated.


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Ella and her parents, Mick and Claire, spent ages searching for the missing pet in their home village of Brunton, Northumberland but, after failing to find him, they eventually gave him up as gone for good.

However a year later, a family friend discovered the reptile on the side of the road - just a mile away from his home!

The tardy tortoise managed to avoid predators and even crossed the East Cross Mainline – at an extremely slow 0.3mph.

Despite being slightly underweight, Andy-Bob was miraculously unharmed and is now back in his pen.

Talking about his journey, Ella told The Sun: "I think he's had some good adventures, but I'm very glad he's back home now."

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1 comment