Amazing pictures of green elephant hedges in London!

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This head-turning topiary of elephants on a London street corner has drawn crowds aplenty!

It is one of the many spectacular creations by architect Tim Bushe, also known as 'The Hedge Cutter of Highbury'.

Green elephant hedge by Tim Bushe

© Getty Images

He first discovered his talent with a pair of garden shears when his wife asked him to trim their garden bushes into a cat, and has since created a delightful array of hedge-art throughout London.

He can transform the average bush into anything from a steam train complete with glorious purple leaf steam to giant sleeping cats, and even dragons.

Not only are his latest green-leafed giants charming enough to make your day, but Tim is also raising money for the Hft Charity that supports his sister Martha, who has Down's Syndrome.

Elephant hedge by Tim Bushe 2

© Getty Images

He aims to reach £5,000 with his unique designs, and has already raised an impressive £3,500 thanks to awed onlookers who love his creative work.

You can even get Tim to shape your own hedges, for a suggested donation of £250 for the design and cut and around £75 for each of the subsequent cuts.

To see more pictures of Tim's wonderful hedge-art and find out how to donate click here.

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