Cute primate cuddles up to soft toy he thinks is his mum!

Published Friday, Jun 20 2014, 19:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
You might have to look twice at this picture to see which of these monkeys is real!

Because this teeny tiny creature is definitely as cute as any soft toy.

Unggul, one-week-old Javan Iutung cuddles up to surrogate mother

© Getty Images

Unggul is cuddled up to his surrogate mother

But don't worry, one-week-old Unggul isn't confused as he cuddles up to this furry monkey toy instead of his parents.

It's only because this furry toy monkey is acting as his surrogate mum, while Unggul is being kept in an incubator.

The Javan lutung - an old world monkey and an endangered species - was born prematurely in Bali Zoom, so vets are keeping a close eye on him.

At least he has someone to snuggle into until he's allowed back with his real mum and dad!

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