Bad kissing is dating deal-breaker

Published Thursday, Jun 19 2014, 16:42 BST  |  By
The day of locking lips - National Kissing Day - is here but Brits are the harshest critics when it comes to playing tonsil tennis.

A recent survey by dating website revealed that a whopping 87 per cent of us think poor kissing would be a deal breaker in the early stages of dating.

Over half of women said it was very important that the first kiss "sizzled", as did 43 per cent of men.

Couple kissing

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And men and women also agreed on something else - bad breath was a huge turn off. We're not surprised to be honest!

But although we might be critical of others, we're much kinder to ourselves when it comes to our kissing credentials.

After being asked to rate their kissing skills on a scale of "excellent" to "useless", the study found that 91% of women and 86% of guys would label themselves either "excellent" or "very good."

If, however, you haven't mastered the form of kissing, don't despair. Hollywood heartthrobs Orlando Bloom and Robert Pattinson have admitted to being 'bad kissers'. Although somehow we find that hard to believe...

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