Man born with one oversized arm becomes arm wrestling champion!

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Meet Matthias Schlitte, the man who has made a living out of having one gigantic arm!

The German lad - who was born with a huge right arm due to a genetic defect – has become a professional arm wrestler and has spent the last 10 years slamming his way to success.

German armwrestler Matthias Schlitte

© Rex Features / Robert Leeson/Newspix

The forearm in question is almost 46cm wide, making it the perfect size for his chosen career.

It all kicked off at the age of 16, when Matthias ended up in a bar that was hosting an arm wrestling tournament and took down every single contestant.

Since then, he's used his bulging bicep to win eight German championships, as well as 14 international!

Quoted in the Daily Express, Matthias said: "At first, older fighters smiled at me for being so light-weighted, but after winning, opinions changed immediately."

The triumphant chap even beat a specifically designed arm wrestling robot. There's no stopping this one!

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