Bonkers Britain? What we consider to be living on the edge

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What we consider living life on the edge

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Is running a red light living life on the edge?

While Brits have never been known for their wild and wacky ways, even we were surprised at what British people consider thrilling!

In a recent survey, the top thing Brits believed to signify 'living on the edge' was booking a holiday before they had the money.

The poll of 2,000 Brits, commissioned by Pizza Hut Restaurant to celebrate the return of the Edge Pizza, discovered that we also get our kicks from things like going through a red light or driving with little petrol left.

And the excitement doesn't stop there!

Other things that Brits consider as being wild include going out with wet hair, eating cake for breakfast and getting an unplanned takeaway. And people think Brits are boring!

Thankfully, we have good ol' Prince Harry to show us how to be really daring!

By Gina Peyiazis

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