'Adorkable' - the new word in the dictionary!

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The people of Twitter have spoken; adorkable has officially made it into the English dictionary.

The new word - a mix of adorable and dork - is slang for someone who is "socially inept or unfashionable in a charming or endearing way".

'Adorkable' has made it into the dictionary

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'Adorkable' has made it into the dictionary

It was chosen from a shortlist of nine of the most popular words from social media sites, which was released into the Twittersphere for the "tweeple" to decide.

It received nearly a third of the votes, beating rivals such as felfie (a farmer selfie), gaybourhood (a gay friendly area) and fatberg (a large ball of sewer lard) to a place into the 12th edition of the Collins English Dictionary.

Lucy Mangan, Collins blogger, said: "Into the dictionary it goes, allowing Collins to close the gap between the recording of a living language and its movements in the real world more than ever before.

"At last the internet starts giving something back to word nerds."

By Catherine Richardson

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