Scared cat gets stuck in wall for two weeks to escape another puss

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Forget getting stuck in a tree, one cat ended stuck inside a wall for two whole weeks!

Little Charlie was so sick of being chased by his owner's other moggy, Declan, that he hid himself inside a hole 5ft up an outside wall.

Emma Thorpe, a care worker, who owns both pets, told The Sun: "He's (Declan) bigger and chases Charlie around the house. I think he bullies him."

Two cats looking at each other

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The three-year-old puss would pop out for food in the beginning, but after a while, he became trapped in an 8inch hole behind the kitchen sink.

After finding herself unable to rescue him herself, Emma, 25, resorted to ringing the emergency services.

Fire fighters removed an air vent and spent half an hour trying to retrieve the feline with a mirror and torch. Eventually, the scaredy cat was rescued.

Burnley-based Emma has now given her furry friend the nickname of "Macavity" – a fictional cat who appears in a T.S Elliot poem and the musical Cats.

She added: "He's still very wary of Declan."

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