Man ordered a penis enlarger, received a magnifying glass!

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We have to admit, we had a bit of a giggle when we heard about this story.

A poor man in Malaysia who wasn't happy with the dimensions of his private parts was left doubly upset after he was conned when he tried to do something about it!

Anonymous man, sent a magnifying glass instead of a penis enlarger

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The man was sent a magnifying glass!

The anonymous man ordered a £100 penis enlarger online, hoping to improve the size of his tackle.

But the offer turned out to be just an illusion when he received a £5 magnifying glass in the post, complete with the instructions: "Do not use in sunlight".

The victim later reported his internet scam to Malaysia's customer complaints bureau.

Seri Michael Chong, chairman of the bureau, told the Daily Mail: "As you can imagine, he is feeling rather disgruntled."

He must have really thought he was seeing things when he opened that package!

By Brogan Kay-Jessop

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