Sorry, Poppy - Lucky the cat is older than you!

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Sorry Poppy, 26-year-old Lucky is the cat that got the cream!

Less than two weeks ago, 24-year-old moggy Poppy was named the world's oldest cat, but owner of black cat Lucky, Maureen Orchard, says her feline friend has two years on her.

Lucky, world's oldest cat

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It's been almost three decades since Maureen, 76, found stray cat Lucky begging for scraps in her hometown of Bournemouth.

She told the Daily Express: "I saw the announcement and thought, hang on; my Lucky is older than that!"

Nowadays, Lucky is proving you're as young as you feel as she approaches 125 years of age in cat years.

"We love her to bits," Maureen said. "Lucky is an old girl now but lives a very charmed life. We're just grateful she is still with us after all these years."

Lets hope this doesn't cause a cat fight…

By Brogan Kay-Jessop

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