Bin cleaner wins £1.3 million from a £2 bet!

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One lucky man was left a millionaire - after placing a £2 bet!

Craig Brazier beat the odds when he managed to guess the winner of six consecutive horse races and scored Britain's biggest betting shop win of an incredible £1.3m.

Craig Brazier, won £1.3m after £2 bet

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The 39-year-old was preparing for a fishing trip but instead of buying more maggots as bait, he decided to put his remaining £2 on the Scoop6, where you place six bets that take place one after the other. All of your winnings from the previous bet then go onto the next one and your winnings become bigger and bigger.

After five wins, bin cleaner Craig could hardly believe his luck. He told the Daily Mirror: "I couldn't see the telly because I was running round the room. I thought I'd have a heart attack."

And when his final horse came in, the 39-year-old netted a share of the record-breaking £10,740,797 rollover Scoop6 jackpot, our of which he received £1,342,599.

Craig from Nottinghamshire is in with a chance of getting a £5,481,763 bonus if he picks another winner this Saturday. He reveals that whatever the outcome he plans to continue doing what he loves most - cleaning green bins.

But he also admits that he will indulge himself following his win and buy a racehorse trained by Alan King.

Jealous, us? Never!

By Jessica Lindley

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