Twitter users to pick new word for the dictionary!

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After the outbreak of the worldwide craze of the 'selfie', it's no wonder Collins English Dictionary have turned to Twitter users for help!

Social media fans have been asked to choose the new word to be added to the classic dictionary

Twitter users asked to pick new word for the dictionary

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A shortlist of nine words has been compiled after the dictionary's editors turned to the social media site to find the most recent, relevent terms.

The words up for inclusion in the 12th edition of the book include:

Duckface: Traditional distorted facial expression displayed in selfie photos.

Vaguebooking: The practice of posting vague social media status updates to demand attention.

Felfie: A farmer selfie.

Adorkable: Dorky in an adorable way.

Fatberg: A large ball of sewer lard.

Fracktivist: Anti-fracking protester.

Nomakeupselfie: Phone camera self portrait of a women with no make-up on, usually taken for charity.

Euromaiden: Pro-EU Ukraine protests in Kiev's Maidan Square.

Gaybourhood: Gay friendly area.

Lucy Mangan, Collins blogger, said: "Twitter is the perfect place to combine old words, resurrect others or invent new ones when the need arises. #Brilliant."

You can send your own word nominations to until May 28.

By Anna Patterson

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