Women waste £180,000 on beauty products!

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We all know it's important to look and feel good - but it looks like we need to be a bit more savvy when it comes to how much we spend on our much-loved beauty products.

Because it turns out we women wastes a whopping £180,000 on them over our lifestyle - we know, it made us feel a bit sick too!

women waste £180,000 in their lifetime

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Women buy 300 lipsticks in their lifetime

According to research by Vaseline, women buy 5,846 beauty products in their lifetime, including 840 moisturisers, 360 nail varnishes and 300 lipsticks.

But of these, only 649 are actually used.

In comparison, men only purchase five shave creams, four body moisturisers and four facial moisturisers a year. Although a quarter of men do admit to using their other half's products. So no wonder we're buying a lot more!

We're most likely to hoard nail varnishes, shampoos and conditioners, lipsticks, perfumes and finally shower gels.

So next time you think you need that nail varnish in five different colours, think again!

By Sophie Boyland

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