Was cinema right to turn away mum & baby from 15-rated film?

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Do you think an 11-week-old baby should be allowed to "watch" a 15-rated film? Reveal's Kathryn Lewsey ponders the question...

Mother-of-two Sam Ross was left furious after her and her 11-week-old baby were turned away from her local Vue Cinema in Cambridge when she tried to go and watch Bad Neighbours with a friend.

But should she really have been so outraged?

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While it's obvious the young baby wouldn't have any clue about what's going on in the film, it's still against the law for someone to attend a cinema screening when they are younger than the rated age.

It doesn't matter if they're a baby - it's illegal for a reason. The cinema could have been fined for allowing an underage person in.

Sam told The Daily Star of her baby: "If she was screaming and interrupting everyone I would totally understand."

But while she may have been quiet at the beginning of the film, you can't predict when a baby is going to start crying – she is less than three months old, after all!

And her other objection - that there was only six people in the room - also doesn't make a difference.

I couldn't care whether there were six or sixty people in the room, they're still going to be pretty irritated if a crying baby starts interrupting a film that they've paid money to see. It's not like they've gone to see a Disney movie, where children are expected, so I think they'd be well within their rights to be annoyed.

And if Sam wanted to catch up with her friend, couldn't they have gone to a coffee shop or a walk in the park?

Many cinemas also hold screenings especially for mums and their babies, where everyone is in the same boat. No one minds if their film is filled with cries and cooing there!

So maybe leave the normal screenings for the people they're meant for!

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