Poppy seeds cause positive drugs tests in jail!

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Drug tests coming back positive because of a bread bun? You can't really blame prison officers in failing to believe the prisoners at London's Brixton prison.

But this was exactly what several inmates were claiming after their drugs tests had come back positive for the class A drug heroin. They blamed the poppy seeds which decorated the bread buns.

Drug tests coming back positive for Heroin because of poppy seeds

© Rex Features / Martin Lee

Poppy seeds were causing the positive drug tests

But the proof was in the pudding, when Prison Governor, Edmond Tullet, agreed to taste the bread - and his test also came back positive.

A source told the Sunday People: "The inmates were adamant they had not taken drugs. Word got around it could be the poppy seeds and they mounted a case to the governor."

This isn't the first time the bread has caused trouble. It led to a Swiss traveller being reportedly jailed for four years in Dubai because poppy seeds were found in his clothing.

A Prison Service spokesman said that the seeds were not usually permitted in jails because they were known to cause false positives in drug tests.

Already banned from US jails, the trouble-making (but oh so delicious) bread has now been removed from the canteens at the prison.

We imagine they'll be sticking to plain white from now on!

By Sofie Boyland

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