Disobedient dog eats owners' £400 holiday savings!

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We've all heard the classic "my dog ate my homework" excuse. But for one family, it was a lot more serious - as their pet pooch scoffed their holiday savings!

Cheeky pup Murphy was feeling peckish one day – so gobbled up £400 cash that his owners had saved up for their family getaway.

It wasn't until Donnah Dear and Ben Lawson from Bury St Edmunds, in Suffolk, were packing for their visit to Spain with their two sons, that they realised their money had gone missing.

Despite searching their home, the couple, who run an estate agents, were unable to find the saved dosh – and soon realised it was down to their naughty pooch.

Pet dog with cash

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Donnah, 37, told the Daily Mirror: "We left the money on the kitchen counter and it just disappeared – there wasn't a trace of it.

"We realised Murphy must have eaten it. But it didn't ruin our trip. We managed to get enough money together."

When the family flew to Costa del Sol, the seven-month-old pet was looked after by the boys' nan, Jill Lawson and most of the cash passed through Murphy, confirming the family's suspicions.

A total of £375 was retrieved from the dog, which – despite chewed up and stuck back together – Barclays kindly put through to Donnah and Ben's, 36, account.

And sadly, Murphy didn't learn his lesson from the ordeal. Just days later, he underwent an emergency operation after swallowing a sock.

Donnah admitted Murphy's mischievous ways have put them off getting future dogs: "Murphy will be our first and last dog. He eats everything and we aren't sure what to do about it."

Sounds like this mischievous pooch is seriously in the doghouse!

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