Flicking channels and asking questions - what TV habits annoy you?

Published Wednesday, May 7 2014, 21:03 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Curling up on the sofa in front of the box is meant to be relaxing but even that peaceful pass time has its pitfalls.

A study by TalkTalk TV discovered that there's a whole array of things that irritate us Brits when it comes to enjoying some TV.

Flicking through channels and taking phone calls all drive us potty as we're watching the box.

And a huge 75 per cent admitted that they can't stand being bombarded with questions from their friends or family about the storylines and characters from the programme they're watching.

Family watching tv

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One in five also declared that they get angry if their TV partner deletes a show they recorded.

And we also can't stand our TV companions eating noisily, hogging the remote and spoiling the end by looking on social media.

If you want to improve your TV watching etiquette, then it seems that sitting quietly throughout the programme is the thing to do.

We also appreciate waiting til the end of the programme before starting to discuss it, as was giving your full attention to the show - rather than playing on tablets and social media.

Who knew there was so much to think of when watching the box?!

What do you find annoying when you watch TV? Tell us below, as the best comment from across the website each week wins £50!

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