Brits don't know where Big Ben or the Sydney Opera House are!

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Millions of tourists visit our capital to view it, but it turns out that one in 10 Brits don't know that Big Ben is located in London!

And it's not just our own landmarks that we're clueless about – over a quarter of Brits also admitted they were unsure where the Sydney Opera House is. Worse still, 11 per cent think that it's in Italy.

Big Ben

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The survey, carried out by, found that some of us Brits are pretty rubbish when it comes to placing iconic landmarks.

A huge half of those quizzed were unable to locate Rome's historical Colosseum and a further 29 per cent had no idea where the Great Wall of China is.

But the landmark that caused the most confusion was Italy's Mount Vesuvius – a massive 58 per cent didn't know where it is and a smaller 12 per cent thought that you could find it in Brazil.

Other findings showed that 20 per cent didn't know where New York's Statue of Liberty can be found and 10 per cent struggled to pinpoint Paris's Eiffel Tour destination.

Kate Hopcroft, of, said: "It's astonishing to find so many people are unaware of these historic locations."

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