Can scented stockings improve your sex life?

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Stockings have always been used as a way for women to seduce men - but now it's the way they smell, rather than the way they look, that can be used to attract the opposite sex!

Hosiery firm Ballerina have launched a new type of stocking that are infused with human pheromones - apparently the best way to up your sex appeal.

Scented stockings

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A spokesman from the company said: "Pheromones are naturally-occurring chemicals that send out subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex."

Our bodies produce pheromones naturally through sweat gland - although thankfully the ones used in the stockings will be produced synthetically.

It is thought the smell makes the brain release more feel-good chemicals, putting men in the mood for some loving. And a new study shows that women are affected by them as well.

Looks like there's an extra reason to dress up for your man!

By Sophie Ghatreh

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