Clever parrot scares off pervert in the park

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Wunsy, an African Grey parrot, certainly proved herself to be a "clever girl" after protecting her owner from a sex pest.

Rachel Mancino, 25, was taking her pet for their daily walk when she was pushed to the floor by a man in the what the police believe was an attempted sexual assault in Sunny Hill Park, north London.

Rachel Mancino, parrot saved her from sex attacker

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Rachel and Wunsy

However the protective parrot was not going to allow anyone to attack her owner while she was around and she swooped into action, squawking loudly and slapping the attacker in the face with her wings.

Rachel, a part-time violin teacher, said to the Daily Mail: "I said 'It's ok Wunsy, don't worry', but then the man jumped on me, grabbed me around the neck and started pushing me down.

"I lost my balance and Wunsy started flapping at him. Her wings were right in his face and she was squaking. He just ran off."

Wunsy was rewarded for her heroic deeds with a meal fit for a parrot queen of pine nuts, fruit and veg.

The man had previously groped another woman just minutes before targeting Rachel, his next victim and police are appealing for help to find the suspect after the attack last Friday at 12.30pm.

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By Sophie Ghatreh