When it comes to dieting, it's not what you eat - it's WHEN you eat!

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Cabbage soup, the Atkins, Slimming World - we're constantly being told new ways to lose weight.

But new research has revealed it might not be WHAT but rather WHEN you eat that might help you shift those pounds.

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It seems that the key to slimming is the timing of your meals, with the survey revealing the best times to eat to maximise your weight loss.

Results showed that breakfast should be enjoyed at 7.11am and lunch, it should be eaten early - at 12.38pm. And the best time to chow down on your third and final meal of the day is 6.14pm.

Diet company Forza Supplements spoke to 1,000 slimmers and an overwhelming 84 per cent believed that sticking to regular meal times is vital to losing weight.

The findings also supported the suggestion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day - as over three quarters of those surveyed agreed that eating in the morning helped to cut down the calories throughout the rest of the day.

A further two-thirds also recommended eating dinner before 7pm, whereas most weight-busters said an even calorie intake throughout the day was priority.

Midnight snacks were also discouraged, as 62 per cent admitted the diet took a turn for the worse if they had a nibble past 8pm.

A spokesperson for the survey said: "The results show that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day for successful dieters."

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