Who's a poorly boy then? Parrot is treated for depression

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Roy, a Congo African Grey parrot, has been prescribed Prozac after being locked in a garage for three years.

Roy was owned by a couple but when the lady died, he repeatedly squawked her name - even after the man's new partner moved in.

African Grey Parrot - Psittacus erithacus

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The 26-year-old bird was then reportedly locked in their garage for three years, where he became so distressed, he plucked out all of his feathers.

After being rescued, he is currently treated by the UK's only parrot psychologist, Elaine Healey, who has diagnosed him as traumatised.

Elaine said: "Roy takes Prozac because he is so disturbed from his years in the garage. They're much smarter than people think."

We just hope he's back to being a pretty - rather than a poorly - boy soon.

By Pippa Hawker

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