Teen loses girlfriend and four teeth - because to Lucozade addition

Published Monday, Mar 31 2014, 19:00 BST  |  By  |  3 comments
Lots of teens get into debt over their student loans and uni fees but for Josh Shurry, it's because of his addiction to Lucozade!

Josh, from Cambourne, Cornwall, is so obsessed with the sugary energy drink that he's in almost £3,000 worth of debt - and has lost four teeth and his girlfriend thanks to the fixation.

The 19-year-old drinks a huge five litres a day and spends an eye-watering £70 a week on the tipple.

His massive love for the drink meant that he had to even take out a payday loan to fund it – resulting in his girlfriend leaving him when Josh struggled to pay the bills.

Josh's daily consumption equates to the equivalent of one whole bag of sugar, so it's no surprise that the teen has had four rotten teeth taken out.


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But that hasn't stopped the decorator and painter, who sleeps with a bottle by his side and will leave work early to stock up on the drink if he runs out.

The Lucozade-loving lad may have been warned by his GP to ditch his high intake, but admitted to The Sun he's struggling. He said: "Lucozade just seems to give me so much energy. I'm addicted."

Josh, who fuels his addiction by buying the drink in crates, added: "My teeth are in a really bad way, I've lost my girlfriend and it's ruining my life, but it's the only drink I like. I'm desperate to stop."

A spokesperson for Lucozade said that the drink "should be enjoyed as part of a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, and should not be used to replace other foods which have a broader nutritional value."

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