Men of North Korea ordered to get the same haircut as ruler Kim Jong-un

Published Thursday, Mar 27 2014, 15:20 GMT  |  By  |  2 comments
Controlling dictator Kim Jong-un has gone one step too far yet again, by ordering that all North Korean men must get exactly the same haircut as him.

The entire male population of North Korea have been instructed to get their tresses snipped in the "Dear Leader look", which features super short back and sides, almost resembling Joey Essex's own mane.

The dictator has apparently even threatened to torture and jail those who don't meet his requests. But some citizens are rather reluctant to change their locks – and who could blame them?

Kim Jong-un in  Pyongyang

© Rex Features / ZUMA

One source was quoted in the Daily Mirror explaining that the very specific style is hard for everyone to pull off. They said: "Our leader's haircut is very particular. It doesn't always go with everyone since everyone has different face and head shapes."

Previously, men were given the choice of 10 different hairstyles to pick from, and women had slightly more scope with 18 'dos at their disposal.

And in 2005, the communist state even launched a TV campaign entitled "Let us trim our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle" to promote that all men should keep their hair shorter than two inches.

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