The pesky pheasant that's terrorising a family home

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Many people are partial to a bit of pheasant for a fancy dinner, but one brave bird is getting his own revenge by tormenting a family at their Cambridgeshire farm.

The male pheasant arrived at Wood Farm in Hail Weston three weeks ago and is so aggressive that the family is scared to even venture outside their own house!

Visitors have also been left intimidated by the plucky bird – one delivery driver was trapped in his van for a whole 20 minutes, while the feathery animal flew at the bonnet and chased the vehicle.


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Anna-Marie Hamilton who lives on the farm, was quoted on BBC News describing the bird as a "complete lunatic" and explained how he has even attacked dogs and cats on the farm, including her pet dog.

She added: "He's not at all wary of people, and he chased my poor Jack Russell all the way down the farm track and back home. The dog was exhausted."

Pheasants are often territorial during breeding season, but The British Trust for Ornithology even admitted this angry bird is "a little extreme".

Unsurprisingly, Mrs Hamilton is keen for the pesky pheasant to leave them alone. She said in the Daily Mail: "He really has been terrorising us. Hopefully he'll find a wife soon and clear off."

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