Husband buys designer bag for every stone that his wife loses

Published Monday, Mar 24 2014, 21:00 GMT  |  By  |  3 comments
Most of us will do almost anything to get our mitts on a designer bag, so when a woman's husband promised her one for every stone that she lost - it's no surprise that she dropped a huge eight stone!

Laura Ferguson, 38, went from 19st to a much lighter 11st after hubby Paul, 35, said he would treat her to an expensive designer bag for every stone she shed.

Determined Laura decided to embark on the diet after overhearing colleagues referring to her as "that big heavy girl" and some extra encouragement in the shape of fancy handbags resulted in Laura shrinking her dress size from a 24 to a tiny 10.

Woman measuring waist

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True to his word, company boss Paul has already presented Laura with an £800 Stella McCartney bag and £600 Louis Vuitton arm candy - yet he still has six more to purchase!

Paul was quoted in the Daily Star talking about his wife's accomplishment: "I'm absolutely delighted and I'm very proud of what she has achieved – even if it is going to cost me a fortune."

He added: "She's done so many diets before and never stuck to them so I thought it was a safe bet offering her a designer bag…I'm very happy that she's proved me wrong."

Proud Laura, of Aidrie, Lanarkshire, also spoke out about her happiness with the drastic weight loss: "This summer I'm going to be wearing a bikini for the first time in 20 years."

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