'Colombia's fattest baby': the eight-month-old who weighs 3 stone

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One extremely chubby baby is set to have life-saving treatment as he weighs an enormous three stone at just eight months old.

Santiago Mendoza has been so well fed during his eight months on earth that at 3st 2lb, he's reached the same weight as a six-year-old child.

Mother Eunice Fandino contacted the charity Chubby Hearts after realising her son drastically needed help, and now the obese tot is set to undergo urgent treatment for his hefty size.

Santiago Mendoza

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Said to be Colombia's fattest baby, Santiago has been to hospital several times already due to his weight. Most boys his age should be around 19lb – which is less then half of this baby's 44lb.

Eunice was quoted in the Daily Mirror explaining the reason behind her child's huge weight: "He was born with an anxiety so if he cried, I just fed him."

Experts now vow to bring the boy's weight down and carry out a number of operations.

Surgeon Cesar Ernesto Guevar added: "What he will need is long term treatment, healthy food and physical activity. Otherwise he could suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and problems with his joints."

Concerned mum Eunice has promised to ensure that this happens.

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