Food phobia means 17-year-old can only eat tinned spaghetti

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There are fussy eaters and then there's Leah Frost. The 17 year-old student's picky palette consists only of tinned spaghetti as she is too frightened to eat anything else!

The food phobic from Leeds has made headlines with her strange eating habits.

Since she was young, Leah's diet has almost purely consisted of canned spaghetti, with her only other delicacies including chips, bread and cheese.

Tin of Heinz spaghetti in tomato sauce

© Rex Features / Martin Lee

But not just any… Leah's menu has to be brand specific – Heinz spaghetti in tomato sauce, bread by Warburtons and Morrisons' own Lancashire cheese – for her to dig in.

Despite remaining a svelte and slender size eight, Leah's poor diet has taken its toll, with the teen suffering from tiredness and a low iron count.

Leah is quoted in the Daily Star saying: "If someone puts something down in front of me and I know it isn't right, it makes me feel anxious and scared to eat it."

Her 45-year-old mum Yvonne pins her daughter's bizarre eating habits back to when she was just a tot. As a baby Leah suffered a substantial weight loss due to Yvonne's inability to produce milk when trying to breast-feed. She said: "I felt responsible for starving my baby so then I just let her eat what she wanted.

"I was told by doctors that if I just put food in front of her eventually she would be hungry enough to eat it, but having starved my daughter once I didn't want to do it again."

In their efforts to combat Leah's food phobia, both her and her mum have tried everything including therapy… but still it seems nothing is tempting Leah's taste buds.

by Katie Storey