Five people taken to hospital after eating Britain's hottest burger

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If you think you can handle fiery food then how about trying this XXX Hot Chilli Burger? It's so hot, that five diners have ended up in hospital after sampling it!

Nick Gambardella, who created the beefy burner, reckons it is Britain's hottest. He now even asks customers to sign a legal disclaimer before they try it.

Nick, 55, serves the spicy meat treat at Burger Off in Hove, West Sussex. Since launching it, four customers have been taken to hospital and treated for anaphylactic shock – a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Beef burger

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Another eater even suffered a suspected perforated bowel.

The main ingredient behind this culinary creation is a super hot sauce, which measures 9.2 million on the Scoville scale – a chart that assesses a foods' spicy heat.

In comparison, the average chilli pepper is just 500, proving just how fiery this sauce is!

Nick was quoted in the Daily Star as saying: "I am amazed I'm allowed to sell it – but it's been a massive hit with the customers. I do think these people are slightly mad to eat it."

He also added: "I take my responsibilities as a food retailer carefully but if my customers wants super spicy food, I am entitled to give them it."

Unbelievably, 3,000 people have already attempted to eat the burger, but just 59 managed to successfully finish it.

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