Mum wakes up to a snake biting her boob in bed!

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One very unlucky mum got a rude awakening when she discovered a snake in bed with her.

Caroline Griffin was shocked to wake up and find the slippery reptile lying on her chest – before it sank its teeth into her boob.

The mum-of-four threw back the duvet when she discovered a 4ft brown-belly California kingsnake on top of her. Terrified, she screamed as the snake bit her.

California Kingsnake

© Rex Features / Monkey Business Images

The 49-year-old was quoted in the Daily Mirror saying: "At first I thought my kids were playing a trick – but I got the fright of my life when I saw it move.

"I was scared it might be poisonous and I'd die."

While Caroline was keen to make a getaway, her four children were more intent on capturing the incident on their phones, so they could impress their pals.

It turns out that the reptilian intruder had escaped from the home of neighbour Gareth Niven six months ago.

The 21-year-old arrived at Caroline's house in Guardbridge, Fife to reclaim his pet after hearing about the incident.

He assured the worried mum that the puncture wounds left by his pet, named Hiss, were not venomous: "I hadn't seen him since he got out of his tank six months ago. He's never bitten a person before so probably reacted to Caroline screaming."

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