Teenager calls 999 after finding spider in his bedroom

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It seems like our emergency services have to deal with a whole load of weird and wonderful situations if these two stories are anything to go by!

Reese Thomas is so terrified of spiders that when one of the creepy crawlies appeared in his bedroom, he found himself cornered behind his wardrobe by the inch-long insect.

One in ten people are scared of spiders

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The 17-year-old was so panicked that he dialed 999 and an unimpressed fire crew had to rescue the teen at his Brighton home. Oh dear!

Student Reese was quoted in the Daily Star saying: "The firefighters did not look impressed, but I don't like spiders."

Another tale that tickled us was a man in his 50s, who took himself to hospital after getting stuck in a pair of handcuffs.

The red-faced patient had been stuck in the cuffs for a whole two days after a night of passion and was suffering from poor circulation due to the incident.

Despite managing to pull off one of the cuffs, the other remained stuck on his wrist and so he had no choice but to visit Trowbridge Community Hospital in Wiltshire.


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Shocked staff resorted to calling in firefighters who arrived with bolt cutters to release the cuff.

Chris Petty from the fire service told the Western Daily Press: "We expected to be met by police officers with a criminal, instead it was just a naughty boy who'd got tuck in the handcuffs."

Petty added: "He was a little sheepish. He took in in a good spirit though."

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