Man was declared dead... then started kicking in his body bag!

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Being buried alive is most people's worst nightmare but for one farmer, it very nearly became a reality.

Walter Williams was declared dead after collapsing at his home in Mississippi, US, and the local coroner was unable to find a pulse.

Walter Williams, nearly buried alive

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Walter was going to be taken to the mortuary

His grief-stricken family members then made the decision to send the 78-year-old's body to the local mortuary. However, funeral staff received a huge shock when the body bag started to move.

Mr Williams was actually still alive and, regaining consciousness and finding himself in a closed body bag, was kicking in an attempt to free himself.

Coroner Dexter Howard described the incident as a "miracle" and believes that Mr Williams' pacemaker had stopped working while his pulse was checked, then started again a short while later.

His family was immediately informed that they hadn't lost their loved one and Williams told family members that he is happy to still be alive.