Girl eats 3 bottles of ketchup - a week!

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Most of us love a dollop of ketchup on our chips but one girl is so obsessed with the sauce that she consumes almost 12st of it a year!

Melissa Ibbitson, 19, uses a staggering three 480g bottles per week and eats the red sauce with everything – even salad and bananas.

Melissa Ibbitson, addicted to ketchup

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Melissa is addicted to tomato ketchup

As she weighs 10st herself, it means that she eats over her entire body weight each year. What's more, it costs Melissa £300 a year to fuel her tomato addiction.

The Lincoln-based-student will walk out of restaurants if they don't have her favourite sauce and admitted that pals get embarrassed when she requests 12 sachets of it at the student union.

Condiment-crazy Melissa told The Sun: "For breakfast I'll have spaghetti or beans on toast with ketchup, lunch will be a sandwich with ketchup and I have ketchup with whatever I have for dinner."

Despite her love for ketchup, medics have warned that Melissa could develop diabetes from her huge consumption.

Nutritionist Sarah Hanratty said: "If she keeps eating ketchup in this way it could have extremely negative effects on her health."

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