Police helicopter search... for boy asleep in kitchen cupboard

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When missing three-year-old Jaden Gumm was reported missing, 30 police officers and a helicopter were called in to find him - before he was discovered sleeping in the kitchen cupboard!

Jaden's mum Becky feared the worst when, on the afternoon of Friday, 21 February, she asked his four-year-old brother Charlie where Jaden was, only to learn that he had apparently walked out the front door.

Becky Gumm, son sparked police search but was asleep in the cupboard

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Jaden was found asleep in a kitchen cupboard

The panicked mum called the police, resulting in a huge search over the local area – neighbours, friends and strangers even joined in.

As time went on, frantic Becky decided to double-check the kitchen cupboard, where she spotted the youngster napping under a pile of bags.

Becky, 32, and her husband, Andy, 48, had already spent an hour searching St Neots, Cambridgeshire, for their son before the police search got underway.

The mum-of-seven told the Daily Express how shocked she was to discover Jaden in the cupboard: "I didn't quite believe he had been under the sink asleep for three hours – he never sits still for that long.

"I was shocked and very tearful. When I asked where he was, Charlie, my four-year-old, held my hand and took me to the front door. I thought he had gone out. It was just so horrible."

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police said: "We are delighted he was found safe and well."

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