Women spend two weeks a year getting ready!

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How long did it take you to put your face on this morning? Or tame that unruly hair?

A recent survey revealed that 67 per cent of adult women worry about their appearance regularly - more often than their finances, health, relationships or professional success.

It's hardly surprising then that a growing number of us are spending longer on our appearance.

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The study, which polled 2000 adults, revealed that women spend just under one hour every day getting dolled up. This adds up to a hair-raising two weeks a year!

By comparison men spend 4.5 hours a week on personal grooming.

Of those surveyed by The Today Show and AOL, 78 per cent of women said they undergo these lengthy beauty regimes to "feel better about themselves". Yet, the study also revealed that 77 per cent of women have made negative comments about their bodies in the past month.

Both women and men admitted to feeling body conscious, particularly about their stomachs, skin and gray hair – while a staggering 82 per cent of women said they always feel like they could lose some weight!

Psychologist Jonathon Rudiger warned that while "it's not a bad thing to be invested in our appearance", we shouldn't spend so much time on our appearance in an attempt to make ourselves feel better.

He says that we should stop focusing on what's wrong with our bodies and learn to enjoy and nurture what nature has given us:

"When we move away from 'pretty' and 'ugly' labels, we can start to appreciate just how amazing our bodies really are."

by Hayley Richardson

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