Pushy passengers rank top of peak time pet hates

Published Tuesday, Feb 25 2014, 19:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
With the majority of us spending an average of 42 minutes on packed trains getting to work every day, it's unsurprising that many of us suffer daily from a dose of the rush hour blues.

A recent survey of 2000 rail travellers, conducted by redspottedhanky.com, revealed that the majority of our travel woes are down to the horrid habits of those around us.

Among our top 20 travel bugbears are people playing loud music, coughing and sneezing, failing to control rowdy children and bad body odour.

Woman tries to avoid a man's sweaty armpit on a crowded train for survey that reveals our pet hates when it comes to commuting

© Rex Features / John Cummings

Other offensive habits which drive us round the bend are people kicking the back of your seat, eating noisily and drunk behaviour.

But the number one spot goes to commuters who push and shove their way onto trains before letting others off first. Super annoying!

Behavioural Psychologist Jo Hemmings said: "Commutes bridge the gap between environments that we are used to, have some control over and make as comfortable for ourselves as possible – home and work.

"This is why we tend to seat-hog or try to get off or on the train first.

"It's a public situation we are trying to personalise and this is what annoys other people."

Strangely, despite this long list of complaints, more than half of those questioned confessed they wouldn't openly speak of their travel gripes, preferring to simply move seats and suffer in silence. How terribly British of us!

Jo said this way of dealing with our discontent can, ironically, "make us just as frustrated as the original behaviour that triggered our irritation".

So perhaps, commuters, it's time to make a stand…

by Hayley Richardson