'I spent £25k on surgery before my 25th birthday'

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Maddison Hawk, now 26, from Oxford, started having cosmetic surgery aged just six – and she says the result was worth every penny

'The first time I had cosmetic surgery, I was just six years old. It wasn't anything complicated, just a relatively basic procedure to have my ears pinned back.

Although I wasn't being picked on and I'd never noticed there was anything wrong, my mum, Alison, now 50, thought it might become an issue for me as I grew older.

So the doctor measured them and, after he confirmed they were sticking out beyond the recommended guidelines, I was scheduled in for an operation. I can still remember crying as they removed the bandages – I thought my ears were going to fall off.

Maddison Hawk spent £25k on her new look

© Gareth Iwan-Jones

Maddison spent £25k on her new look

But of course they didn't and, examining myself carefully in the mirror afterwards, I couldn't believe the improvement. "I used to look like a monkey," I thought, scrutinising old pictures of myself.

That was when I got a taste for altering my body. I didn't see why you had to accept the way you looked when there were so many treatments and surgeries available to tweak every part of you.

So I started plotting – as soon as I was old enough, I was going to make some big changes.

And so at 18, that was exactly what I did. I had semi-permanent make-up tattooed on my eyes, eyebrows and lips. It cost me £600 and, when I needed it topped up a year later, it was a further £1,600.

I only had my eyes and lips done twice but it wasn't the cost that put me off – it was the pain. It felt like someone was circling my eyes with a scalpel. So after the second go, I decided to just stick to my eyebrows.

Maddison Hawk in 2008

© Maddison Hawk

In 2008 with tattooed makeup

The next body part to catch my critical eye was my chest. At a 34C, my boobs just weren't big enough. It took a while to save up the £4,800 I needed but, at 23, I was ready to go up to a 32H.

I didn't tell Mum until a week before the surgery but experience had taught her that she couldn't stop me. Even though I can't get bras in high street shops now I love my boobs, they're great.

My chest success spurred me on. In April 2013, I had full body liposuction. Although I was a slim size 12, I hated my pot belly. Diet and exercise didn't work so I decided to go back under the knife.

At £4,500, the procedure wasn't cheap. I found a company called Secret Surgery who offered a cheaper deal by taking me to Poland. There, I got liposuction on my tummy, legs, arms and chin for £5,000. It was practically a bargain.

My surgeon agreed to lipo my tummy but said I didn't really need it on my arms or legs. I told him to go for it anyway – after all, while I was under anaesthetic, why not? But when I woke up, I was in absolute agony.

I hadn't told Mum I was getting it done, so she was devastated when I called her in tears. But after the initial pain wore off, I was delighted with my new svelte
size 8 figure.

Admittedly, the lipo on my legs and arms was lazy – I should have just gone for a run. But the lipo I had on my tummy was my best move so far. I love my flat, toned stomach and I don't think I could have achieved it through exercise alone.

Maddison Hawk spent £25k on this size 8 body

© Maddison Hawk

She spent £5,500 on lipo to get a size 8 body

And it's not only big things I've changed. I'm always concentrating on the details too. I've had three sets of £250 chemical peels and lip fillers every three months since I was 21, totalling £3,500. However, since an ex told me I looked like The Joker and I woke up one day unable to move my face, I don't have them quite as often.

I've also had my teeth whitened, costing £1,100, plus £60 for top-ups, £4,000 of laser eye surgery and laser hair removal for my legs, underarms and bikini line, which cost £600 and another £60 for every top-up.

So far, my body improvements have set me back over £26,500 – and I think it's been worth every penny. The things I used to hate about myself I now love – and you can't argue with that. The way I see it, I'm £25,000 more beautiful than I was before.

I know a lot of people won't understand why I've had so much work done at such a young age. But it's none of their business. I work hard to afford my cosmetic surgery. I'm an accountant by day and by night I run my own business selling quality hair extensions. I'm not in debt and I don't expect taxpayers to foot my bill.

Some women spend all their money on drunken nights out and they have nothing to show for it but a hangover. I'd prefer to go to the hospital for another upgrade than to the pub.

Maddison Hawk as a child

© Maddison Hawk

Maddison (top right) as a child

I'm not done yet. I want to have my boobs lifted and I need more laser eye surgery. Then there's the maintenance – I'll keep having my eyebrows tattooed, as well as lip fillers and chemical peels.

And when I'm older, I'll have Botox. Why not? A nip here, a tuck there, I don't see what the big deal is.

My beauty comes straight from the operating table and I think it's money well spent.'

by Kim Willis

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