Engagement rings - what do you want?

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What would you do if your engagement ring brought disappointment rather than butterflies?

It might sound shallow, but things could get awkward if you aren't keen on your ring - especially when you're planning to wear it for the rest of your life!

Engagement rings, what do you want?

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With the sparkler being such an important part of a proposal, it's no surprise that new findings show that half of women are willing to - or already have - contributed towards their engagement ring to make sure they get one they want.

Nearly a quarter even admitted to wanting to stipulate specifically what they want – including the size and cut of the diamond.

The research, carried out by engagement ring company Vashi also discovered that 29 per cent of the women asked would be upset if their ring was too small to wear, while a smaller six per cent even deem the price of the ring as the most important aspect.

One in ten even asked their loved one not to buy the ring without discussing with them beforehand.

And when it comes down to the actual look of the ring, The Duchess of Cambridge is our go-to-girl for sparkler inspiration, with 11 per cent of women describing her blue sapphire number as their dream diamond.

Luckily, despite our ring requests, most women (63 per cent) still believe that the most important aspect of a ring is the symbol of their partner's commitment.

And 64 per cent wouldn't change anything about their engagement ring – phew!

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