Mum changes her name from Sheila to Sexy!

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What's in a name? Well if you're a celebrity, it seems anything goes, especially when it comes to their offspring. From North West to Harper Seven or even Princess Tiaamii, nothing is off limits.

But what if you're convinced your name is the 'ugliest one out there"? For Sheila Ranea Crabtree, who hated her title so much, there was only one answer.

She decided to legally change it – to Sexy.

Woman called Sheila Ranea Crabtree changes her name to Sexy

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Sheila became Sexy!

The 41-year-old woman who lives in Ohio, US, felt she needed a name that represented her personality.

She told a court that she opted for the provocative "Sexy" to replace the more modest "Sheila" because she is "fun and free-spirited."

She said: 'I wear Victoria's Secret clothes all the time. I was like, 'Shoot, I'll just go for Sexy.'"

The mum-of-two told Judge Robert Hoover that her husband and two teenage daughters approved of the swap.

Though he had previously ruled against a man who wanted to change his name to Tasmanian Devil and a woman who had opted for Winnie the Pooh, Judge Hoover allowed Sheila to become Sexy.

Delighted, she said: "That's all I needed, to get rid of that ugly name — thankfully I'm rid of it for good!"

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