Boy of 10 pretends to be a dwarf after crashing his parents' car

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We're sure the police have heard every excuse under the sun - but this one has to be a first!

A boy of ten pretended to be a DWARF after he crashed his parents' car, telling police he was old enough to drive but had just forgotten his licence.

Anonymous, 10 year old pretends to be a dwarf after crashing parent's car

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Stock image: Boys will be boys

The youngster from Dokka, Norway had taken the car at 6am, while his parents were still asleep.

He'd decided to take his 18-month-old sister to their grandparent's house, who lived 40 miles away.

However, after just six miles, the unnamed boy careered into a ditch by the side of the road, where he was found by a snow plough driver, who called the police.

Unsurprisingly, his "little" lie didn't convince the officers and the pair were returned home to their anxious parents.

No charges have been brought.

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