Staff member at zoo mimics gorilla for practice drill

Published Monday, Feb 10 2014, 19:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
Zookeepers in Tokyo have come up with an ingenious way of ensuring they're prepared if an animal ever escapes – by staging a mock incident using someone dressed up in a gorilla costume.

More than 150 staff members were seen chasing keeper Natsumi Uno around Ueno Zoo, as she tried to mimic what a real-life gorilla would do if it broke free.

Young man wearing a gorilla costume against white background

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Despite the unrealistic gorilla suit, the staff - including cops and firemen - took the drill very seriously. They pointed stun guns at Natsumi and prodded her with sticks before trapping her in a net.

Natsumi seemed very happy to have volunteered to become an ape for the day.

She said: "We never normally get the chance to get caught."

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